FaceAct is a service connected to the most widespread electronic billing platforms on the market. Receive multiple invoices, in your single compressed files. It automatically extracts, seals them digitally by providing them with legal validity and uploads them to electronic billing platforms, for automatic distribution to the corresponding entities, whether public or private.

Forget sending electronic bills, one by one, to your customers. Pack them all in a zip file and send them to FaceAct via email. FaceAct will take care of the rest automatically. Check the transition states of each one, using a browser or configure alerts, so that you receive an email notification of the events that you consider most relevant. It dedicates the time of sending invoices and control of payments to other activities that contribute a greater value to the business.

It goes from the paper document to the digital document, with legal validity. It does not occupy space and is located immediately, from anywhere and at any time.

FaceAct allows the configuration of alerts according to the different transition states of the invoice; Delivered, received, accepted, rejected, paid, expired. It is an ideal tool for companies supplying the public administration or companies subscribed to an electronic invoicing platform.

Pay-per-use web service, compatible with desktops, laptops (oSX / Windows) and mobile (iOS / Android).

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