Control of the working day, from any place and time.

Turn an obligation into an opportunity. Deploy an agile and dynamic system that allows:

  • Control absences.
  • Detect repeated delays.
  • Control extra times according to legal agreements.
  • Know the route of the employees in the territory.
  • Manage vacations, paid leave and leave.
  • Determine the productivity per client and service.
  • Define the work calendar at company level, work-centre and service line.

A system based on a service available in the cloud. Accessible via browser or from mobile, via a free application.

A PIN code or fingerprint is enough to identify yourself.

The state to be sealed is automatically presented according to the work calendar. The application remembers the pending seals and allows the loading of authorized extra time, updating the time stamp.

The alternative screen allows you to seal the work status that corresponds to an incident.

The application captures a photograph, the date and the geolocation of the seal.

The system sends automatic alerts by stamping after hours and geolocation. It allows the configuration of warnings of the next seal to be made.

Once the working day has begun, the client and the service can be chosen for the automatic calculation of productivities per employee and yields per product or client. It allows the capture of the proof of the withdrawal or of a paid permission, which is automatically sent to the desired email.

The work calendar can be defined at the level of the company, Work-centre, service line and employee. A color code allows to distinguish between work days, activities, holidays, vacations, leaves, paid leaves and no justified absences.

The warnings alert about changes in the calendar.

The user can consult the calendar and request vacations, a paid leave or a justified absence. The review flow allows approval or denial by the chain of responsible parties. Once the application is approved, the days requested are automatically reflected in the calendar.

The consolidated view of the calendar facilitates the management and organization of the work activity and can receive, automatically, on a monthly basis, the journal of records and the payroll by e-mail.

SureAct, as a trusted provider, digitally seals all records and custody. It represents the burden of proof, with probative value, against discrepancies or legal disputes.

Compatible with Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and iOS devices, Android.

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