Somos tercero de confianza.

Sellamos y custodiamos documentos electrónicos.

Añadimos el factor seguridad y la confianza en las operaciones electrónicas.

Añadimos el factor seguridad y la confianza en las operaciones electrónicas.


Electronic signature of documents, with probative value. Without manipulation possibilities.

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The daily log of work activity, from any place and at any time.

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Accreditation of assets and assets, from any place, with probative value.

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Certify all events and occurrences displayed in your screen.
Get a multimedia legal proof, irrefutable and unsurmountable.
Legalizes documents
Electronically seal and certify the signing of documents online.
Record meetings
Record and certify your meetings that take place in an office.
Legitimizes results
Protect the intellectual property of your work.
Certify performances
Certify with images assets’ status at any given time.
Register events
Legally register the result of your performances, assessments, jobs, etc.
Validate operations
Generate a legal receipt of the outcome of your shopping on the web.
Seal collaborations
Avoid discrepancies on the resolutions adopted at your web meetings.
Certify calls
Convert the recording of calls to a durable medium with irrefutable probative value.
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David Niñoles


The automatic electronic seal of the screen capture deliveries, with a time stamp and the geolocation, representing a durable medium that has evidential value of the services performed, while helping us in the process of digital documentation.

Manuel Navarrete


The sealing and emailing of electronic documents with return receipt requested facilitates our work, increases our productivity and facilitates the digitalization of our processes.

Pedro Barceló


The electronic seal of the recordings allows us to have a durable medium with irrefutable probative value.

Alex Pol


The online completion of the health questionnaires allows us to speed up the recruitment processes, reducing drops. Automatic sealing represents an irrefutable durable medium of the act.

Ricard Sayós


Performing remote inspections, in collaboration with our customers, by capturing and sealing video in real-time, helps us to improve efficiency, while allowing for a durable medium with irrefutable probative value.

Carles Comes


The recording and the sealing of the most critical meetings helps us to preserve the intellectual property of our customers, as well as in the review and defence of all that was agreed.