Commercial network

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Business organization / Variable remuneration
Profile x Sales x Recurring sales
Zone director 1% 0.5%
Business managers 5% 2%
Commercial agents 25% 10%
Offices and consultancies 10% 10%
We offer:
  • Sales commission and recurring billing.
  • Commercial area according to the place of residence.
  • Generation of the monthly invoice for the accrued commissions.
  • Automatic settlement of the fees by bank transfer.
  • Sales support material: web, brochures and videos.
  • Training in the operation of the SureAct intranet.
  • Tool for the management of commercial activity.
  • Commercial support call center.
  • Advertising in media to support sales.
We require
  • Management of the commercial portfolio through the SureAct intranet.
  • Sale of products to the client portfolio.
  • Customer service: resolution of functional doubts.
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