SureAct adds access control to your time control system.

Centralized time and access control, all in one.

The TimeAct multi-reader allows a centralized control of schedules and accesses in an agile and efficient way with

  • Sealed by face capture, fingerprint, personal card or unique code.

    Forget the continuous revision and correction of time records due to forgetting or sealing errors. From the working hours configured for each employee, the system automatically adjusts the sealing times, in advance and prolongation of the working day, and alerts of pending seals,

  • Automatic opening of doors and turnstiles, discriminating by the status and profile of the employee.

TimeAct is ideal for entities with multiple establishments and high employee turnover. It allows the automatic registration and termination of employees in connection with the corporate ERP or ERM.

TimeAct facilitates the centralized and automatic management of labor states (active, vacation, leave, leave, absence, absenteeism) and the different types of working hours (effective, complementary, ordinary and irregular extraordinary).

The employee portal allows, at any time and from any:

  • The consultation and signature of the working day newspaper.
  • The consultation of the signed and sealed monthly report certificates.
  • The consultation of contracts, manuals, payrolls and other documents.
  • The request for vacations, permits, leave of absence and overtime.

The TimeAct reader automatically connects to SureAct servers via WiFi / Internet.

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