SureAct presents its SmartForms solution in CMS OpenTalks.

SureAct SmartForms enable 360º digitization of business activity.

Starting with the generation of sales opportunities, through the formalization and signing of the contract until collection, SmartForms accelerate processes, increase sales and reduce costs. Sealed documents are kept, arbitrarily and independently by SureAct as a trusted provider, acquiring probative value.

SmartForms add such important features as:

  • The sharing or immediate sending, via email or sms, of contractual forms to take advantage of the purchase impulse.
  • Customer support, sharing forms, online or in person.
  • The declaration and appraisal of claims, avoiding travel and unnecessary costs.

In addition, they introduce security controls such as:

  • The presentation of the location map of the interested party.
  • The photographic and multimedia documentation of the status of the insured or damaged assets and assets.
  • The digital stamping by time of capture of the text, photographic and multimedia material that justifies the state of assets and goods.
  • The biometric comparison of the photograph and signature of the interested party with their identity document.

Its easy integration with corporate systems brings advantages such as:

  • Automatic filling and updating of information by real-time connection.
  • The dynamic presentation of fields and contents based on user responses.
  • Automatic procurement suggestions applying artificial intelligence rules based on the widespread interpretation of the large mass of data accumulated by market and sector.
  • Enabling payment at the time: card, transfer, direct debit.

The commercial and expert console allows:

  • Assign the requested appointments.
  • The processing of the assigned appointments, calling or sending the corresponding document, in two clicks.
  • The consultation status of the documents by date of sending, downloading and signing.
  • To know the times of activity of the agents by management and client.

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