Privacy policy.

  • What types of data are needed?

    This site only stores the data of users who have requested more detailed information about the service.

  • Collected data security

    All personal data is stored according to the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive and the EU member states' implementation of this Directive in national legislation.

  • Cookies

    In order to personalize the service provided by this website to each user, SureAct™ uses the commonly-adopted technology called "cookies". These are small items of data that are placed on the user's hard drive and can be accessed when the user next visits the website. Your browser provides the ability to refuse or delete cookies, but this may affect your ability to make full use of the website.

  • Links to other websites

    Some pages of this site may contain links to other sites not operated either directly or indirectly by SureAct. We do not share any information with these sites. No liability will be accepted by SureAct™, regarding the content, security or privacy employed by other sites.